Klaudia Karamandi has always wanted to design a collection of feminine yet powerful clothes for the modern woman, a woman with her own story, something that made her who she is. Having come from a successful corporate background, Klaudia began to find it difficult to find clothing which she felt celebrated her love of fashion, femininity and unique dressing whilst still adhering to the strict corporate dress codes she had to dress within. The collection was born to fill this gap in the wardrobe of women, who like Klaudia, felt like their work-wear was not truly reflective of who they are. The collection is transitional and inclusive to every empowered woman.

Klaudia believes the modern woman is an empowered woman, whether this be in business or personal affairs and her collection aims to dress every woman to feel their most powerful and empowered anywhere they go.

With the fashion industry moving at a pace faster than ever, Klaudia Karamandi opposes this speed and puts sustainability and ethical production first, which is taking place in her native North Macedonia. Klaudia is working with a chain of family-owned production sites that have over 50 years of experience in high quality clothing making, which clearly reflects in her garments' precise and sophisticated cuts. With a focus on using sustainable fabrics sourced from France and Italy, Klaudia celebrates her heritage ensuring to visit the sites throughout the year, making both Klaudia and her customer a true supporter of the local economy.

This is Klaudia’s story, the story of an empowered woman who wants to make other women feel confident and feminine in her clothing - day to night.