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With the fashion industry moving at a faster pace than ever, Klaudia Karamandi opposes this and puts sustainability and ethical production first. This takes place in her native North Macedonia, where Klaudia works with a chain of family-owned production sites that have over 50 years of experience in high quality clothing making, clearly reflected in her garments’ precise and sophisticated cuts. With a focus on using sustainable fabrics sourced from France and Italy, Klaudia celebrates her heritage by ensuring she visits these sites throughout the year, making both her and her customer a true supporter of the local economy.


Following the first successes, Klaudia Karamandi refined several areas of her brand. with the introduction of more casual pieces, new accessories in light of the new situation we are living in and continues to make women around the world happy. A new website and a new social media presence connects Klaudia more than ever to her loyal and new followers!


Finishing her very first collection, Spring/Summer 2020, Klaudia showcased her looks made for the modern woman on several B2B & B2C fairs, in showrooms and stores. A very soft colour pallet of pastels and neutral alongside some statement colours, made of sustainable fabrics was the main trend of her collection.

The beginning

Inspired by the alterations Klaudia did on her own work wardrobe, the idea of founding her own label became more and more present. Enhancing women's femininity whilst still keeping professional yet fashionable look was Klaudia's aim.


Klaudia @ VdU meets BUGA

Klaudia @ VdU meets BUGA

Vom 26. bis 28. August kamen knapp 80 VdU-Unternehmerinnen aus ganz Deutschland auf der Bundesgartenschau in Erfurt und Weimar zusammen. Die Lande...

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