Pattern development, Textile Printing &
Production Support in North Macedonia


1. Pattern development* based on supplied sketches for:

Men's wear; Women's wear; Outdoor (also sealed jackets; down jackets); Baby / children's clothing; Bags etc.

*According to standard dimensions (dimension tables supplied if necessary)


2. Textile printing (isolated* or large-scale) on various materials:

Cotton (e.g. poplin); Jersey; Viscose; Polyamide; Polyester

*After cutting, if necessary after completion (depending on the motif size)


3. Production Support:

Cooperation with a network of 120 production plants in Northern Macedonia;

Cooperation partners in Bulgaria and Turkey

 Production support includes:

- Selection of adequate production sites

- Planning and acquisition of auxiliary materials (yarns, zippers, buttons, piping, lasts, etc.)

- Coordination of delivery deadlines

- Quality control

- Import/export handling

- Forwarding services

* Owner-operated companies that produce under fair conditions (certified)